Thursday, December 03, 2015

When rain falls as cucumbers

So yesterday C-Ling had an ophthalmology appointment at 14h50 and I got a Google Calendar reminder at 14h35, fifteen minutes earlier. This was a particularly useless reminder as where I work and where my wife works is no where near where C-Ling is at school, or where her ophthalmology clinic is. I msg'ed my wife since she can get there more quickly than I can and so she went and everything is fine with C-Ling.

However, I am in the outhouse of the doghouse now for compelling my wife at such short notice when, if the reminder had been set correctly, of if either of us had looked at the calendar earlier in the day, or on a previous day, we could have planned much better.

This is only one of many small things that have piled up that have made her upset with me. I definitely need to make some personal changes to make things better. I think mostly, if I can focus better, things will improve.

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