Wednesday, January 06, 2016


I had a vision on my commute home last night about creating a club or group or organization called AXY3.

The A in AXY3 can be 1 or 2.
The X in AXY3 can be 0 or 9.
The Y in AXY3 can be any number.
The 3 in AXY3 is 3.

The idea is anyone born in 1903,1913,1923,1933,1943,1953,1963,1973,1983,1993,2003 or 2013. I'd include 1893 and 1883 but I don't think anyone that age would be up to joining this club or group or organization.

My idea is to make it so that everyone in the group makes offers to help everyone else in the group in any way that help can be provided, and also, to raise funds from all members of the group to offer scholarships to the young ones in the group.

I know how busy people are so I would want this group to meet quarterly. In the very first meeting I would have a paper questionnaire that I would ask people to fill out. Questions on it would include:
Your birthday? To get a sense for which decades are represented.
Address? To let AXY3 members know who in the group lives close to them.
Occupation? If there are any professionals in the group who can offer their services to the group.
How can you help? A list of ways that a person can help another, including giving lifts, doing translation work, handy man work, lawn and garden help, tutoring, event planning and anything else I can think of, including an 'Other, please specify'

On the questionnaire I would propose a mission statement and ask if the respondent agrees to it or has any suggestions for modifications.
On the questionnaire I would ask about frequency of meetings and location of meetings as, my own vision is quarterly, but others may have different ideas.
On the questionnaire I would ask if the respondent would agree to a very nominal weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual donation to a completely transparent fund that would be pooled that then as a group we would decide how to use it.

For the first meeting I would out of my own pocket try to get some media publicity and rent a space in an easy to access location in the city and then wait to see how many people show up.

I don't know how we would manage it, but in the year 2023, give a pamphlet to all of the children born at all of the local hospitals throughout the entire year, welcoming the child to join AXY3 as a 'child-member'.

I would get a website called and also create a with the idea that other places in the world could create their own AXY3 clubs. If the idea took off and there were many different AXY3 groups around the world, there could be a whole world of options as to what could be done.

Sadly, with much regret, I would also join FB to promote AXY3 through social media.

All of this stems from the fact that I was born in 1973 and that using birth year is as arbitrary as any other method of grouping people together to pool resources.

Who knows, perhaps an AXY2, AXY5 and AXY9 all get created, patterned after my having started AXY3.

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