Thursday, January 07, 2016

Calamity strikes the mule made of leopard skin

The clothes line outside has not been used in many weeks.

This is a function of the weather.

Through the summer it was also hardly used.

This is a function of having both parents working out of home such that laundry only ever gets done late at night.

The electrical component of my house furnace had a loose connection that caused the house to stop being heated. We had a technician come in to investigate and repair it. It cost us 215$ to simply push a connector pin back into a socket. I'm not one to mess around with wiring, so it is money well spent as it meant our house could then be heated.

To really move towards doing what is necessary to combat climate change, I would need to remove the oil furnace and electrify our cars. Who knows, maybe a Tesla 3 or Chevy Bolt will be the next car in our driveway.

El Niño is doing wonders for the winter here - today is another mild day after a very short cold snap earlier this week. The forecast high for today is 0C.

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