Friday, January 08, 2016

echo echo echo echo

With the Chevy Bolt coming out in the next 18-24 months and the Tesla 3 coming out in the next 18-24 months there will be a tough choice as to what electric car I end up buying.

There may even be additional electric cars at that time that I would consider that I am not even aware of yet.

I doubt I'll be in the financial position to buy such a car 18-24 months from now, but one can dream, yes?

If there is anywhere one can dream, it has got be in a blog that almost no one reads.

I thought of one more thing about the AXY3 club I'll never start - soon after formation of the group I think a leadership committee would need to be elected to help make decisions about what the group does and to set up any rules.

I had lunch today with three coworkers at the second closest food court. All three are immigrants into Canada, one from Syria (immigrated before the trouble started that is happening now), one from China and the third from Eastern Europe, Bulgaria, I think. Whether by virtue of English as not a first language, or introversion of which likely all four of us share this personality trait, conversation was stilted. I attempted to start conversations by asking questions and attempting to involve each person, but this did not, apart from a few fits and starts, lead to any prolonged conversation, so I ended up being the one doing most of the talking. This is good for me as it exercises my weaker extroverted side, but it is also draining.

Current temperature: -3C.

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