Thursday, January 28, 2016

Celebrate inexistentialism

There wasn't anything anomalous about my commute to work this morning.

I counted zero skunks on the walk I didn't take last night to get the mail.

Our mail box is about five houses away since Canada Post stopped door-to-door delivery in my town.

It is predicted that about one centimetre of snow will fall today. With such a small amount I wonder why they even bother to mention it.

Tomorrow evening I am going to 'Comedy for a Cause' at a comedy club in support of the summer camp my family is not going to this coming summer since we are taking a cross country road trip. We usually go every summer so this is just a one year blip in our camp attendance track record.

When people salivate, is there a time that they would run out of saliva?

I'm due for my next blood donation in the month of February. It isn't important that I go on exactly the first day I am eligible as the road trip this summer puts a crimp on my blood donation schedule, so I can afford to delay a little. If I was following the strictest schedule possible it would be like this:
Feb 22
Apr 18
Jun 13
Aug 8 <-- away on road trip
Oct 3
Nov 28

So due to the trip I'll aim to do three donations before the trip and three donations after the trip, something like this:
Feb 23
Apr 19
Jun 14
Sep 8
Nov 3
Dec 29

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ghost said...

is that inside out existentialism?