Sunday, May 15, 2016


When you have twelve or fifteen minutes, I'd be curious to know what you think about this article.

I'm pleased that Canada is closer to being a social democracy than some other countries are, but I'd like to see it move even further left.

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Debstar said...

I'm afraid that after the first half I lost interest and just skimmed the rest. In Australia we have 2 main parties Labor which blows ridiculous amounts of money on social welfare without, it seems, actually making sure that money is being spent wisely.It was Labor that brought in Medicare which provides medical care for everyone some 40 years ago. Best thing they ever did. The other party Liberals are basically a bunch of bastards to put it mildly. They have spent much of their time in government cutting back funding to hospitals, education and the Arts. Their latest budget will give tax cuts to the wealthy and big business but offers nothing to the lower socio-economic group. And their attitude to refugees is appalling. Here's a recent article on our immigration minister. Someone needs to punch him in the head. We need a party that is middle of the road because these two are so extreme. Oh, and we are heading into elections in about a month so we have to listen to all their bulls***t promises for weeks. *groan*