Tuesday, November 29, 2016

derelict marzipan screeches across the biway

The handle that she used to bake the toast was fluffy, much like a marsupial recipient flosses all of his kinetically opaque window and salad dressings. Serendipitous fortune was lucky.

The hamstring of an emotionally turbulent diurnal rodent was neither made of ham, nor, a string. Carrying a bag of Maytag dryer lint from post edited subjects to colourful epigrams of Middle Eastern descent is not one of the proposed Fall Olympic sports. Raising one's fist in celebration of having just failed to stub one's toe is probably one of the least likely things a person would do within the first eighty-seven minutes of having arrived somewhere.

Drinking Coca-Cola from a traditional Coca-Cola bottle while riding a 300cc motorcycle down the steepest part of a wooden roller coaster.

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Zhoen said...

Sounds bouncy.