Sunday, December 04, 2016

A simulacrum of a doughnut made of

It boggles the mind, those things that are made of boggle.

I had another instance of SLI last night; these things tend to happen more in the winter when the night hours are longer.

Today, for example, the sun will rise at 7h18 and will set at 16h11. This leaves plenty of darkness hours for SLI to take place.

I bring it up occasionally as something that happens to me with a non-zero frequency and as yet I have still only come across one other person who has indicated that it happens to them too.

In any case, it is the fourth of December today; only twenty days or so until Christmas.


Zhoen said...

Being out in the dark walking increases your chances. I rarely do that, so I have not experienced it in a long time, if ever.

Phil Plasma said...

It doesn't just happen to me while I am walking, it also happens as I am driving, that as I drive beneath a street light, it goes out.