Thursday, January 05, 2017

Lucy and her lucidity

The instruction manual that came with my ice cube tray was lacking in the indication of what temperature the water should be before I put the water into the tray prior to putting the tray into the freezer.

A fledgling and narrow window sill mocked the door frame adjacent to it. This derision shut the door on kindness and generosity.

Traveling on the Underground Railroad wasn't much like taking a subway ride through a city in modern times. I have never traveled on the Underground Railroad, but I have taken the metro in my city numerous times. The 'metro' is my city's name for what other cities call the subway.

The absurdity of using a stainless steel tea pot to peel a ripened banana is likened to the admittance of a deranged sentinel into a children's daycare's Hairspray reproduction. I have used hair spray in my hair exactly zero times in my life thus far. I have never been a sentinel and nor have I used a stainless steel tea pot for anything other than its intended use. I do know how to make ice, however.


meznor said...

easy--it's always 42 degrees.

what's the door got to do with the door frame? jerk door.

I prefer living above-ground, to be honest. but the bus route I take five days a week (sometimes more) is sometimes not pleasant.

hair spray can be a useful tool for people who wish to maintain a specific style of hair temporarily. I have used hair spray on many occasions that I have not kept count of, sometimes not for hair, but to immobilize (and eventually suffocate to death) centipedes and spiders. however I try to leave spiders alone these days if they are not immediately a threat to my sense of peace. I hope I am not judged too harshly in the afterlife for having murdered so many creatures that are so much smaller and weaker than I am.

Phil Plasma said...

42 degrees celsius, fahrenheit or kelvin?

I can take the bus and then metro to work, but usually I take the train, and almost always it is pleasant.

I am not one to judge people on their uses of hair spray. Generally speaking, I do not tend to judge people very much in any regard.