Thursday, July 06, 2017

dirigibles coming out of my tibia

A raspberry jam filled doughnut, a ringworm and a beer bottle cap walked into a saloon, grabbed a table and hunkered down. The serving person approached the table and then recoiled, much the way a well worn spring curses at the September rain. The cap offered a nickel for a thimble of JD; the ringworm went straight to the Tequila while the doughnut, feeling grand, ordered a pitcher of mint taffy grenadine. The server took the orders with an odd look on his face; like he'd just seen a doughnut, ringworm and bottle cap speak to him. The bar tender, seeing the order and the patrons, decided their first round would be on the house - especially given the quantities that were being requested.

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Debstar said...

Nothing should come out of your tibia. I hope you can still walk.